Group: Oxides 

Hardness: 7.5- 8

“The jewelers favorite”

Spinel crystalizes in the form of rolled pebbles, cubes, and octahedral crystals. Spinel’s can be find in various colors including red, blue, violet, black, green, yellow, orange, brown, white, and almost colorless. 

Spinel is the mineral name as well as the gemstone name. It can be found imbedded in mafic igneous rocks, aluminum-rich metamorphic rocks, and limestones. The earliest known spinel dates back to 100 BC. Found in a Buddhist tomb near Kabul, Afghanistan. Red spinel were also known to the Romans at the same time. Historically, many rubies were later found out to actually be spinel’s.

Metaphysically, the mineral can be used to renew energy and to provide encouragement. It has been know as a “stone of immortality”, which can bring freshness to all endeavors as well as initiate rejuvenation.