Cleaning directions

Cleaning and Care for Studio 22k Jewelry

Cleaning solution mix:

2 cups water, 1 oz Ammonia, 1 squirt mild dish soap.

Please check Mohs scale of hardness at bottom of page to see if your stones can be put in this cleaning solution. only use this solution on stones that are 10 to 8 on the Mohs scale. Never clean Opals, Pearls or Tanzanite in solution!

Mix all ingredients together in a covered crock pot or cooking pot with lid. When the solution is very warm but not to the boiling point, submerge your jewelry into the pot using wooden or plastic tweezers or spoon.

Soak jewelry between 20 mins to 1 hour, depending on how dirty the jewelry might be. Check behind the stones for buildup of lotions etc. to allow debris to loosen or dissolve. Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub areas where needed. 

After cleaning, rinse with warm water only. Do not use cold water, this could crack your stone, we will not be responsible for damage. 

You may use the Mohs scale provided below to check if stone is safe for cleaning in solution. If stone is not on the list you may go online and check the hardness according to the Mohs scale. Stones ranging from 8-10 are safe for soaking. Stones that are a 7 can handle a quick dip in solution and warm water rinse after. Anything else use ONLY water and soft cloth to wipe clean.


Agate 7, Alexandrite 8-9, Acquamarine 8, Amethyst 7, Beryl 8, Citrine 7, Corundum 9, Cubic Zirconia 8.5, Diamond 10, Emerald 8, Garnet 7, Onyx 7, Peridot 7, Quartz 7, Ruby 9, Sapphire 9, Topaz 8, Tourmaline 7, Zircon 7.

Please note that opals are sensitive stones that don’t adjust well to climate change or rough usage and are prone to cracking. Only clean opals with warm water and make sure to wipe them well with a soft cloth. 

We want you to be able to wear sparkling clean jewelry whenever you want, which is why we are offering this information. Studio22k is not responsible for any damages to your jewelry during cleaning.