Terms and Conditions

Jewelers/ Goldsmiths hold all rights to design.

Pricing and estimates  are based on the current market value of gold and gemstones, and are subject to change. 

DIRECT SALES: require payment in full and are NON REFUNDABLE.


Terms and Conditions of Commission jewelry by Sherri Dhyan

1:  To begin commission: Receiving and approving estimate with a basic drawing or picture, 50% of the total invoice price is required for deposit.

2: Required midway approval: Approval must be in writing or email with confirmation of receipt.  Client must approval of this project to continue to final stage; stone setting, sizing, etc. 

3: Cancellation at midway only: all materials used in the project would be refunded to the client in the raw state. Example melted down gold and stones out of their setting.  Time spent on this project would be billed to client by the hour at a rate of $100 per hour.  Deposit would be used towards new billed hours.

No cancellation after midway approval.  Client is responsible for full payment of total invoice once midway approval and the project has been completed or terms of invoice have been reached.

Refusal by client to pay balance would result in 100% loss of deposit and Studio22k/ Sherri Dhyan would own all rights to the commissioned jewelry. If Client provided stones and/or gold, only the stones would be returned in the client.  The gold would be the property of Studio22k/ Sherri Dhyan.

4: Final payment and receiving of commission:  Once the commission project has been completed or the terms of the invoice have been reached the full balance is due immediately.   All payments must be received before relinquishing of commissioned jewelry.  There is a grace period of 10 days from the completion this project to receive final payment.  After grace period has exceeded, late payment fees of $25 per day will accrue. 

5: Abandoned jewelry: After one month all commissioned left in the gallery will be considered abandoned. Studio22k is not held liable for any theft or loss of said jewelry after 30 days of being abandoned by client, even if paid in full.