Terms and Conditions

Jewelers/ Goldsmiths hold all rights to design.

Pricing and estimates are based on the current market value of gold and gemstones, and are subject to change.


Requires payment in full and NON REFUNDABLE.

All in-stock items will be relinquished or shipped once payment is received and cleared.


Consideration of the well-being of both the goldsmiths and you the client are imperative to creating jewelry art with integrity and creativity.

Upon request, you will receive an estimate for the project via email or in person.

In your estimate there may be several options and prices. Prices as based on the current market values of gold and stones and may change daily. Make your selections and reply by e-mail or in person acknowledging the terms and agreement.

Once confirmation of your estimate has been received by Studio22k, an invoice will follow.

To begin your project, a down payment of 50% of the total invoice is required. Total balance is due upon completion of this project by the goldsmith and or within the time agreement on the invoice. Total balances must be received/cleared before jewelry can be picked up or shipped. Commissioned work may take up to 6 weeks to process.

Midway Approval

Depending on the nature or complexity of the commission, midway approval may be requested by Studio 22K. If so, the client will need to provide written/emailed approval before the project continues to the final stages (stone setting, sizing, etc.) Any changes to be made after the project has begun are subject to additional fees. Changes must be approved of and agreed upon in writing by both parties. The goldsmith has the right to refuse changes.


Cancellation / Refusal to Pay

In the case that your down payment is received/work has begun and you the client do not wish to complete this agreement for whatever reason, the cash deposit is nonrefundable. However, the client may exchange the deposit fee for in-stock merchandise. (minus billed time, labor of $125 per hour for work already done and or differences of the material value) Materials provided by the client will be returned.

Refusal by client to pay balance after the project is completed would result in 100% loss of deposit and Studio22k would own all rights to the commissioned jewelry. Materials provided by the client will be returned.

Materials Being Returned

Materials that were provided by the client, such as stones and gold, will be made available for pickup or shipped out within 7 business days of cancellation/ due date.

To the best of our ability, Studio 22k will return materials in the same condition as provided, but is not to be held responsible for the condition of the stones.  Gold used will either be returned in melted down form or purchased by Studio22k from the client at the current wholesale market value.

Materials being returned to the client which are left unclaimed at the gallery for longer than 7 business days after the commission is cancelled or the refused payment was due will be considered abandoned and become the sole property of Studio 22K.

Abandoned Jewelry

Jewelry left in the gallery or left unpaid after 15 business days from the invoice date will be considered abandoned. In this case, Studio 22K becomes the sole owner of commissioned jewelry along with the deposit made and the design rights.

Mahalo for your consideration.

Sherri Dhyan