Aoa Diamonds

Maui, HI
Specializing in Diamonds

 For 30 years, we have been sourcing the finest cut, ethically mined and traded natural diamonds to Maui, Hawaii & San Francisco, California. With much success we have built a reputation for high quality diamonds.

For people that are conflicted with mined diamonds but love the sparkle and hardness of a diamond we now offer an exciting solution!

High quality lab grown diamonds. These Diamonds have the same chemical composition, hardness, and light refraction as earth mined diamonds. Without the stigma! Ethically produced and sourced!

With the advancements of lab grown diamonds, these stones can be purchased at a fraction of the regular diamond price.


A brief history:

Scientists discovered diamonds consist of pure carbon in 1797. Throughout the 19th century, many failed attempts to recreate the conditions necessary for diamond formation. Success was made in 1940 by GE. In 1954 under the code name “Project Super pressure.” Industrial confirmation with a team of scientists, including both Herbert Strong and Howard Tracy Hall, received credit for this discovery. These initial diamonds were extremely small, discolored and with many inclusions making them unacceptable, unattractive to the jewelry industry.

Nevertheless, this discovery paved the way for GE to create gem-quality crystals in 1971.  High-temperatures and pressures to produce these stones made them initially too expensive to compete economically with natural diamonds.   

Within a few decades, research and further adjustments lead to the production of colorless diamonds.   Scientists in the United States, Russia, and China made it possible to create diamonds in laboratories that could exceed natural diamonds in a cost-effective manner.