Nancy Troske



“I feel a strong connection with goldsmiths from the very distant past: Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine.




 By working in their materials and techniques, there is a sense of continuity, shared tradition, and love for meticulous craftsmanship. “ 


 Nancy Troske is trained in classical jewelry making techniques such as enameling, granulation, and chain making. She takes her inspiration from ancient designs and imbues her pieces with modern sensibility. Her process of stone selection, metal work, and hand granulation respects the origins of this craft, which began in the third millennium B.C. 

Every element of Nancy’s jewelry—from metal wire and sheet to clasps and hinges—is created entirely by hand. Because of this level of intricate detail and expert craftsmanship, some pieces can take weeks or even months to produce.  Nancy likes the combination of silver paired with 22k gold, sometimes oxidizing the silver to contrast beautifully with 22k’s rich color to give them a contemporary twist.

After receiving her BFA, Nancy began her jewelry making career in the mid 1970’s while attending the Jewellery 

Workshop and Gallery in Soho, NYC.   There she studied under Fredericka Kulicke and Joseph English, learning cloisonné enameling, ancient chain making and granulation.  After several years, she headed to the San Francisco Bay area to study under Alan Revere and also worked as a bench jeweler in a busy Bay area store. 


Nancy eventually moved back to New York and has been working as an independent artisan ever since.  


Relocating to Princeton, NJ in 2009, she spent several years teaching metalsmithing alongside her original instructor, Fredericka Kulicke.  She still teaches private students and gives workshops in the Princeton area.  Her work has been featured in private collections and art galleries around the country, including the Princeton University Art Museum