Katherine Sanz

Katherine Sanz first learnt the joy of jewelry making from her mother, who is an artist known for her work in bronze and bone. Katherine has created jewelry all her life.  She holds a BFA from the University of Colorado in Metalsmithing and Photography. She has created gallery and installation artwork in Colorado, California, New York, Nevada, Hawaii and New Zealand. Her process is informed by her love and knowledge of multi-disciplinary spiritual practices including Christianity, Buddhism, Shamanism, Plant medicine, Vedic meditation, Yoga, the Sacred Feminine, birthwork and modern Mysticism. She is trained as a goldsmith and bench jeweler through a traditional apprenticeship with goldsmith Angela Olsgard in Boulder, Colorado and has created jewelry and taught jewelry making professionally for 15 years. For Katherine, creating gold jewelry is in itself a spiritual practice where she loves to play with concepts and practices from her work in divinity.  

“I create personal power talismans, engagement and wedding rings with pure gold and magic. This jewelry is for you, beautiful human. It is made to live on your body and serve as a talisman for your spirit. Meaningful and simply beautiful, each piece glows with a gentle power. it is the piece that you simply must put on, the one that moves with you when you live and breathe and dance. I create each piece by hand and spirit under the moonlight in Maui, Hawaii. I begin with the highest quality ethically sourced gold and gemstones. I then shape the metal with intention. Each piece is created specifically for the person who will wear it. The elements of fire, water, earth, and air are my tools. Each ring is made  with a process born anew through the love and intention of the person receiving the piece. My hands are a channel for pure spirit. the pieces are created through me. I listen to the vibration of spirit, time, place, and people to guide the metal into perfect form. Each one is unique and perfect for each individual recipient and occasion. Sometimes I play music to the pieces as they are created. Sometimes I burn sage or palo santo or copal. Personal intentions, mantra or prayers are chanted with love. The pieces are cleansed and blessed under the moonlight, on the land, and in the waters of Hawaii. A gold ring can last for 1000 years. It is my highest joy to create these special pieces for you.”