Anni Biederman


Ann Biederman, has been designing and hand fabricating one of a kind jewelry for over 40 years. 



The techniques are drawn from ancient Mesopotamian civilizations such as ancient

Egypt, Rome, Greece, Byzantium.  Anni’s finished jewelry is most frequently left in a raw state to resemble such works of the past, something one would find on an archeological dig.

Anni not only works in beautiful pure 22k, but in many of her new works you will find combinations of other metals like 20k, 21k and silver.  She selects stones, amulets, beads and pearls looking for unusual and 

powerful symbology.

“Since childhood I have been fascinated by ancient cultures, their arts and artifacts. Luckily people of long ago buried treasures with their dead so

 much of their history has remained alive for us to learn from. I feel the jewelry made by these ancient artisans is extremely beautiful, filled with both myth and magic.  My studies enabled me to create pieces that look as though they might have been found in ancient tombs.


The techniques of granulation, fusing, soldering, chasing, repousse, forming, raising and Kum Boo are all mixed together in my work. I enrich the 22k gold and leave it unpolished so that it takes on a rich patina from being worn. The color of the gold is magnificent and enticing. I want the wearer to feel a link to the past, to own a piece of jewelry that has soul and beauty, much the same as the ancient people.

My curiosity, and thirst for knowledge and learning, always leads me to explore new techniques. I am never afraid to 

make a “Mistake” or try out something I have not done before.  It is this thrill of exploration, discovery and beauty that keep me forever fascinated and imaginative in my creations.”     

  Ann Biederman




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