Susan Macdonald

Susan Macdonald: Designer, Goldsmith from Deep Cove, British Columbia Canada


I like to think of my whole life as one big art project…everything I do, where I live, and how I live all come from the same passion for creating beauty… adding to nature and my surroundings…not detracting in any way. i love taking old used up ‘things’ that have come to the end of their useful life for which they were made…then, by adding, and re-configuring…breathing new wonderful life into them.


I’ve done this with my iron and 22kt jewelry line. The iron has been reclaimed from 150 year old ships that sailed the waters of the Pacific Northwest. I throw it into a forge, and hammer and beat it into gorgeous new works that I combine with 22kt gold….and it begins a new life, as art. I love wearing something that has been around for so long, that has been on this planet long before me, and will remain for centuries to come. It humbles me, makes me feel a connection to the earth…and time stands still.