Pamela Farland

For over a century, Pamela Farland’s family, the Maumejean’s, created stained glass for major churches and  cathedrals all over Europe and South America,  so it is no surprise that Pamela  comes to the world of jewelry from the standpoint of color.

Her interest in Archeology and ancient worlds connected with the beauty of gold, the lushness of its tone and its sensuous feel to the touch.

She worked for many years as an art framer, collaborating closely with artists, creating “settings” so to speak, for their pieces, adorning and enhancing the effect of their art.  This path led her to the Kulicke-Stark Academy of Jewelry Art: Robert Kulicke a talented and renowned picture framer, as well as an artist in his own right, had created a  school devoted to teaching and transmitting  the art and techniques of ancient goldsmiths.


For Pamela the discovery and learning of jewelry making brought together the different parts of her experience and became a lifelong passion.

She worked for 11 years as Master Jeweler, at the Metropolitan Museum’s Reproduction Studio, she specialized in hand wrought pieces of 22K gold, working with curators to create pieces from the collection to be sold in the museum’s shops, she also developed her own collection of one of kind jewelry for collectors and galleries/stores.

Today she teaches at the 92 Street Y in New York, sharing the knowledge acquired through the years and works in her studio in Harlem.

She creates colorful and unique pieces, setting precious, semi-precious stones, pearls or antiquities, such as ancient arrowheads of coins in 22K gold.

They reflect the road traveled, the past, the present and the timeless pleasure of adornment.